March 26, 2013

Martha Stewart Bunny Bags!

Last year my Grandma made the boys these darling Bunny baskets for Easter. She used felt and puffy paint for the face, but I love embroidery, so I decided to embroider the face with some button eyes!

Here's the Martha Stewart pattern and directions. And here's some of my advice:
Poke holes in the face template to mark dots where you will embroider the face using a disappearing ink. To do the nose, start with a triangle, then fill it in using back and forth stitches.
Try to make the smile as symmetrical as possible:
And CA-UTE face for the bunny:
When attaching the bottom circle, I honestly didn't think it would fit. But pin it really well and it actually will line up correctly. I sewed it inside out so the seam would be on the inside because I like the finished look of that better. Start and stop at the back seam just in case there is any puckering.
...and fill with some cute items from the Easter Bunny!

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Melonie said...

great job! they look super cute!

Michelle Paige said...

These bunny baskets are adorable! Would you be willing to link them up to my Springtime Holiday Link Party? I'd love to have you! Thanks, Michelle

Gifts said...

Wow they are just so adorable, you did a very neat and great job. One of my neighbors also gave me a cute bunny she made herself and its just priceless.